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  • Happy Cat™ stressfree


    Modern living can be stressful for cats and make it difficult for them to experience their natural wellbeing.

    Happy CatTM stressfree helps make it easy.

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I sprinkle it on the exam table.Veterinarian

Is your cat stressed? Happy Cat™ stressfree contains Valerian root, a herb recognised for its relaxing effects on the nervous system and its attractiveness to cats. These attractive and calming qualities are exactly what is required to help cats relax, cope with change, and heal from a variety of stress-related problems. Happy Cat™ stressfree helps make it easy.

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I received my order on Monday & couldn’t wait to get home and try it out! Sam is a rescue cat I adopted. He unfortunately is a bit of a trouble maker and ends up in fights (you can see his latest battle scar in the video). As a result, I try and keep him locked inside the house at night, which he isn’t happy about – gets anxious to go outside.  Calming collars do help, but are quite expensive and take about 2 weeks to start having an effect. At first it didn’t seem like Happy Cat would work, as it got Sam SUPER excited – worse than catnip! But then I was surprised at how calm he was after the initial “freak out”! Now he sleeps the whole night through, without waking me up to go outside. Peace in the home and a very happy cat! I will definitely recommend this product! Many thanks!

Mine really found it desirable!!! I must admit they were a lot more relaxed around my dogs today so it must be working.

Worked like a dream for my sister’s cat.

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