Happy Cat<sup>TM</sup> <span style="color: #9490d2;">stressfree</span> Sachet


Modern living can be stressful for cats and make it difficult for them to experience their natural wellbeing. Happy Cat™ stressfree helps make it easy.


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  • 10 x Happy Sachets to encourage play and relaxation.
  • Containing Valerian, a herb well-recognised for her attractiveness to cats & relaxing effects on the nervous system.
  • Useful to help ease stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and recovery, and naturally enrich a cat's environment.
  • Made ethically & sustainably from 100% natural & biodegradable materials.
  • Designed by a veterinarian, an animal behavioural scientist and Mother Nature.
  • Created in the Mother City – Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Intended as part of an integrative approach to feline wellbeing.

… for happy cats and a happy planet too.

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[quote cite=”Veterinarian”][typography font=”Rokkitt” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#777777″]Wonderful to see the relaxation effect both mentally and physically.[/typography][/quote]

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Cats are happy by nature but, just like us, they can get stressed.

The good news is cats are perfectly designed to deal with short-term stress. So when your cat finds himself having to escape from the neighbour’s dog, he is perfectly adapted.

However, in the modern world, a cat’s stress response can find itself ‘turned on’ frequently, or for long periods. Recurrent or ongoing stress affects the balanced functioning of the mind and body, and can manifest in anxiety, tension and stress-related behaviours or illness.

Cats are individuals, and can get stressed for different reasons, and manifest their stress in different ways.

Here is a list of stressors that many cats find challenging, and some common ways cats express their stressed state.

What Cats Find Stressful:

  • moving house
  • travel
  • no or limited outside access
  • vet visit
  • cattery stays
  • loud noises
  • cage rest
  • long-term illness
  • other neighbourhood cats
  • new family members
  • home renovations
  • unfriendly relationships
  • hospitalisation
  • cat shows
  • lack of exercise and play
  • lack of companionship

How Cats Manifest Stress:

  • anxiety, nervousness, timidity
  • tension, irritability, aggression
  • inappropriate elimination (spraying and marking)
  • compulsive behaviours (stereotypies) – e.g. overgrooming, tail chasing
  • nervous digestion (indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome) – e.g. poor appetite, loose stools, gas
  • bladder inflammation (cystitis)
  • skin complaints – e.g. allergies
  • slow healing

Words of Wisdom: If you are concerned about your cat’s wellbeing, or are unsure as to the cause of certain symptoms or behaviours, then consult your family vet. Cats that are stressed always have a good reason. The help of an animal behaviourist, or your family veterinary team, will be very helpful in identifying potential stressors and suggesting changes and additional support.[/spoiler][spoiler title=”How it Works” style=”simple”]

Here is Taz being given a pinch of Happy Cat™ stressfree and enjoying what we call the Happy Cat Response. You will see from the video there are two aspects to a cat’s response to Happy Cat™ stressfree  – attraction and relaxation.

Attraction – Happy Cat™ stressfree contains a natural feline attractant that cats like. Most cats (around 70% it seems) are naturally attracted to Happy Cat™ stressfree. Cats typically show a series of behaviours including sniffing, licking, nibbling and then rubbing, rolling. This initial, attractive phase may last a few minutes and then cats settle down for the next phase. This attractive quality of Happy Cat™ stressfree makes it easy to use and useful to enrich a cats environment, facilitate play and support new learning.

Relaxation – By smelling and eating the Happy Cat™ stressfreecats also get to experience the relaxation aspect Happy Cat™ stressfree helps cats to relax, mind and body, supporting the action of GABA, a chemical in the brain (neurotransmitter) responsible for relaxing the nervous system. This relaxing quality means Happy Cat stressfree can play a useful role in helping to ease anxiety, promote relaxation, and relieve a variety of stress-related disorders commonly seen in cats.

Note: Kittens under 3 – 6 months old may not respond to Happy Cat™ stressfree as their nervous system is yet to fully mature. We are, however, aware of exceptions.

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Helping to support a cat’s natural ability to be relaxed and happy is a rewarding process. Use Happy Cat™ stressfree as an aid in that process.

There are two simple ways to use Happy Cat™ stressfree

  • sprinkle on ground – for those cats that like Happy Cat™ stressfree
  • mix with food – for those cats that do not find Happy Cat™ stressfree naturally attractive

For unhappy cats use 1 pinch up to 3 times a day if necessary. For happy cats use 1 pinch a day as needed to enrich their environment and promote wellbeing.

Sprinkle on the ground – Find in a quiet, warm place that your cat likes, or where he/she feels safe and secure. Sprinkle a pinch of Happy Cat™ stressfree on the ground or blanket. Find  yourself a seat and just observe what happens. Cats that like Happy Cat™ stressfree may sniff, lick, nibble, rub and roll for a few minutes and then go on to feel more calm and relaxed. We call this the Happy Cat Response.

Mix with food – Cats that are not naturally attracted to Happy Cat™ stressfree can still benefit from its relaxing effects by adding a pinch to their food up to 3 times a day. Adding Happy Cat™ stressfree to the food is also useful for cats that do like it but where it is important to ensure maximum benefit from the relaxation effect. Most cats will happily take Happy Cat™ stressfree if added to their favourite wet foods or treat. If necessary, start by adding just a small pinch. Sensitive cats may require very little for effect.

Words of Wisdom: For best results, combine with other strategies that help cats meet their needs, feel calm and relaxed, and experience their natural wellbeing.[/spoiler][spoiler title=”Safety” style=”simple”]

Happy Cat™ stressfree contains Valerian, which is generally considered a safe herb for cats. However, if your cat is pregnant, lactating, on medication or undergoing surgery, consult your veterinarian before using Happy Cat™ stressfree.

Valerian may interact with drugs with similar mechanisms of action, and caution is advised when using Happy Cat™ stressfree with these drugs (i.e. sedatives, anaesthetics).

[spoiler title=”Infosheets” style=”simple”]

Product Brochure – Happy Cat™ stressfree (PDF)

Herb Profile: Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) (PDF)
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“Got some Happy Cat™ stressfree for the cats at the shelter, and all I can say is that they were really HAPPY. We just sprinkle it as we walk through the place and watch the cats collapse in blissfull relaxation. Its and excellent product and it was the first time I actually saw positive results with Valerian.” ~ Second Chance Cat Sanctuary – www.secondchancecats.org

“My cats sleep in our spare room on the bed during the day. I walk in there yesterday, and see the normally nervous cat, chilling in the sun.

Happy Cat snoozing in the sun

He seems PARTICULARLY relaxed and allows me to give him loads of affection without jumping up and running off.

Later on that that evening, I find this…

Happy Cat - A well timed yawn

That was a well timed yawn. Anyhow, they were both very content and happy cats the whole of yesterday. Thanks for the happiness”.
~ Cat Owner ~

“Worked like a dream for my sister’s cat.”
~ Cat owner ~

“Mine really found it desirable!!! I must admit they were a lot more relaxed around my dogs today so it must be working.”
~ Cat owner ~

“I have just ordered and sold another 2 boxes of Happy Cat™ stressfree to clients and have had a fantastic response. I also use it on my own cats and it is wonderful to see the relaxation effect both mentally and physically.”
~ Veterinarian, Practice owner ~

“My cats at home love it”
~ Veterinarian ~

“I have seen a positive response from the main culprit.  She is definitely less aggressive, I noticed it about 2 weeks after using the Happy Cat™ stressfree. The big plus is she loves it, responds to it like catnip.”
~ Cat Owner ~

“I have tried all sorts of products over the years and scoured the internet and overseas markets looking for something better to help stressed cats and find it here in Cape Town. Brilliant!”
~ Cattery Owner ~

“In December, our Cat Hotel, was filled almost overnight. I found that the perceptible room stress was far higher than it is when the suites fill up slowly. If you know cats, it is a palpable atmosphere. I did the rounds with Happy Cat™ stressfree, sprinkling it on all three floors, in beds and also on Guests. Within hours they had settled to the usual calm we only get to after a few days without assistance – some cats still remained high tense but the majority responded positively. In consult I sprinkle it on the exam table, in the cat’s box and also on the “throne” on the table – as you know cats like to sit on things, so I take whatever is in the carry box out and put it on the table and sprinkle it and most cats are happy to just park there, on their throne, throughout the consult. Otherwise the majority fight to go back in the box or go walk-about in the cons room. Anyway, great product, clients are very impressed with the obvious effect.”
~ Veterinarian, Practice Owner, Cattery Owner ~

“Happy Cat stressfree was a great success for our cat when we moved house a few weeks ago. It really helped her take the move in her stride.”
~ Cat Owner ~

“I sprinkle a little amount in the units before my guests arrive and it helps them to settle easily and calms them down from the car journey here.”
~ Cattery Owner ~

“It took about 10 days to notice a difference, but after that he was much less aggressive toward our other household cats.”
~ Cat Owner ~

“I have never known such an effective stress reliever for cats.”
~ Cattery Owner ~

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